Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Pass Or Pages Details

It's Pass Or Pages time again! We hope you all picked up some good querying tips from our last round. So many query tips are pertinent across genres!

This month, our contest is for Young Adult Contemporary novels!

Here are the important dates for this round:

May 9: Agent panel announcement 
May 15-17: Entry window opens (via a form here on Operation Awesome)
May 29-Jun 2: Feedback reveals!

For a recap of the rules and links to previous rounds, click here.

If you are planning on entering Query Kombat, please be aware that you are allowed to enter both contests! (Kara is a slush reader for QK, so you can feel confident that she checked.) The entry windows are the same week. The feedback round for Pass Or Pages is before the agent round of QK, which means you'll have a chance to implement the feedback you receive from Pass Or Pages (from the agents or a member of our team) in time to showcase your best work in QK. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Nicole said...

I know this is for YA contemporary, and you have in the past done contests for Adult Sci-fi/Fantasy, but can YA fantasy queries be entered into the YA contemporary novel contest? Thanks for your advice.