Monday, May 15, 2017

Pass Or Pages May 2017 Entry Form

We are now accepting entries for Pass Or Pages! Before you enter, be sure to check out the rules. This month's round of Pass Or Pages is for Young Adult Contemporary novels. The entry window closes at 6pm Eastern time on Wednesday May 17th. May the Force be with you!


Unknown said...

Hi Kara,
I submitted my query for the PASS OR PAGES Contest and realize I included the nickname title intended for Query Kombat by mistake. Is it possible to change the title included in my submission? Thank you.
Kit Lamont

Kara Reynolds said...

Hey Kit,
I found your entry. I believe the form is set up so you can edit your own entry. However, I read your query letter, and I don't believe it qualifies as a YA contemp because of the fantasy element. All entries for this round need to be straight contemporary with absolutely no fantasy, paranormal, or speculative elements. Sorry!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the response, Kara. I understand that because my story contains both contemporary and fantasy elements it will not be eligible for this contest. I appreciate you getting back to me so promptly.