Friday, August 12, 2022

Book Lover Thoughts, Opinions, and Experiences

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I am a writer, but before I was ever a writer, I was a reader. I love books. I love the smell of them, especially a roomful. I love the feel and sound of pages being turned. I love stories and how they can take you to another world and make you feel things for people you've never met, or in the case of fiction, don't actually exist.

I think being a reader is essential to being a writer. After all, I would have never wanted to tell my own stories if I didn't have a foundation of story love to begin with. Books were always an escape for me. A chance to get a way from whatever concerns I might have and focus elsewhere. And there is a certain excitement that comes from an amazing book that I have never been able to duplicate with TV or Movies (though I love those too! I'm here for storytelling in any medium). That may be why I have so many books of my own. If I love a book, I want to be able to read it again and again, whenever I want. 

If you're a collector like me, a cool app that I found to help organize my collection is Libib.


From your phone you can scan or manual enter your books and have a digital list of your entire library. It really helps me know what I have and I can make notes if I loan a book out.

 I also recently started using LikeWise.


This is an App (available via PC as well), that will let you input your favorite books, TV shows, movies, and then make recommendations as to what else you might like. Super fun- though it does have the side effect of adding to an already lengthy TBR pile. :)

The TBR Pile - Reading - Sticker | TeePublic 

(This cute sticker set is available at TeePublic here).

Let me know if you check either of these out or have any other cool book lover apps.

Happy reading!!

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