Friday, August 5, 2022

Query Friday: Query Support Group and Resolution Check In


Happy Friday!

Can you believe it's August? I really feel like the year is flying by... with only 5 months left I need to start prioritizing some of these resolutions.

1) To revamp my query and resume querying


Last Episode on B will finally send some queries out....

The Query is revised. It has been sent off to the brilliant mind that is helping me improve it and by the time you read this queries will have been sent.

This month on B will finally send some queries out...

I swear I am almost there... I am just trying to figure the comps. I have the hardest time and asked a trusted reader to assist, so my bias wouldn't interfere...Maybe not my best idea. So, back to the reading.

2) To write 500 words a day on a new project/everyday

I bought notebooks!!!

 Bulk Blank Notebooks  100 Pages  Kraft Notebook  Notebook  image 1

Also, I'm actually writing in them so Yay!!!

3) To read more

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