Tuesday, August 16, 2022

It May Be Time to Learn Shorthand

I first heard about shorthand when I was a journalism minor taking additional classes on how to be a better copy editor. Personally, I start my stories and novels on paper with pens and then start typing on the computer. I love playing with pens, particularly fountain pens and Papermate flair pens. 

Basically, shorthand was used in court, offices, and businesses, anywhere rapid note taking and writing was needed. As someone who has fought with fountain pens for years to find a pen that can keep up with my rapid ideas when I'm in the flow, shorthand is appealing. Until I can learn shorthand adequately, the Pilot G2 will always be my go to. Although the Junior Pelikan pens do stand the time test.

Some of the tests had stenographers writing 180 to 300 words per minute. I can only type 77 words per minute on the computer, so perhaps shorthand will assist with my goals of writing 1,000 words in less than 15 minutes for my National Novel Writing Month projects on a consistent basis.

Check out a great history of shorthand here with some picture examples.

Here is a great guide to learning shorthand.

Do you have tips and tricks to keep the words flowing when you are writing? Do you prefer writing by hand or typing on the computer?

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