Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Happy Book Lovers Day! #BookLover Thoughts Opinions and Experiences #NationalBookLoversDay

 My earliest memories are of handling books and enjoying stories. Of course I listened to stories before I could read, and then learned to write my letters.

I currently own the fewest number of books I've ever owned, which is no mean feat. I once owned 4 thousand books (it is so hard to part with them!) It is always a joy to spend a couple of hours sorting and organizing my bookshelves. I currently am down to 2 thousand with downsizing, changing career paths, and moving 650 miles to a different state.

With making progress on unpacking boxes from the move, I am at that stage where I can put bookshelves in their new homes and then take time to sort all of my lovely books. Right now, my categories will be: Art Therapy and Therapy, Comics, Art, Fiction (novels and short stories), Poetry, To Read (and decide to sell/donate/gift or send to final section), and To Never Ever Give Away Because I Will Reread Them I Swear. 

How do you sort your books? Do you use the Home Edit method with the rainbow? 

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