Saturday, June 1, 2013

Critiques Are Like Crack

I hope that title doesn't offend anyone. :) Everybody cool? Moving on.

I'm totally addicted to critiques. I love getting feedback on my writing. All feedback. Good, bad, ugly, whatever. Sure, sometimes, critiques make me feel like crap, but they're so awesome for showing me all the areas in which I'm sucking*. Then my mind starts churning, and I get all excited because I know I'm becoming a better writer and my story is improving as a result. And therein lies the high. ;) Just say no to crack, kids. That stuff is bad news. But critiques? They're all good.

So, what about you? How do you feel about critiques? Love? Hate? A little of both?

*This post reminded me of this commercial. It's definitely sucking. I love it! :) Critiques kind of feel like this, right?


  1. Totally agree. Love getting critiques, love giving critiques, love editing both mine and other's work. Someone is really going to have to slap me when my ms is ready, cuz I'll just keep tweaking forever otherwise.

    So this is why you and all the other blogs I follow regularly have my deepest respect and admiration - all this lovely feedback to help me become a better writer. Thank you!

  2. Agreed. I don't get those people who have a critique waiting in their inbox and they don't open it RIGHT THIS SECOND.

    1. Wait ... people do that?
      They must be crazy. I'll drop what I'm doing to open that critique.


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