Monday, June 24, 2013

Query Critique Call!

Critique entries now closed! Winner will be announced July 1, and critiqued query will go up July 8! B (And if you noticed that the entry count went down, I discovered that it was holding onto the May entries but that's not what I intended--should have duplicated rather than modified May's rafflecopter. Only the June entries are counted now for this drawing.)

First, some Mystery Agent Contest business:
For those of you who were hoping to pitch for our July Mystery Agent Contest, publishing summer has struck and it looks like we haven't lined up an agent for July (though, there are still a few days left in June so it's possible we'll find a last-minute pinch hitter).

But don't worry, August, September, and October are all lined up, and these Mystery Agents cover a wide variety of genres--that means even more opportunities to pitch your book!

In the meantime, we'll use some of that time to tackle a query critique here on Operation Awesome. I'm calling for brave souls who would like to get their query critiqued by me (Angelica), and other OAers who will chime in as their schedule allows. Plus, the public can add their thoughts and encouragement in the comments.

The Rafflecopter will be open until June 30th, and the critiqued query will go up on July 8. We're not requiring you to tweet, share on Facebook, or follow our blog(s) or Twitter accounts, but any of those are always appreciated! And we need a contact in your entry, but it's okay to disguise your email from bots by formatting it like youremail (at) gmail (dotcom).

So if you're up for joining us in this experiment, you must sign up below and then leave a comment telling us what age/genre your book is. This last bit has no bearing on whether you are selected since Rafflecopter does the choosing for us, but it's always interesting to see what you're working on. We will be emailing the winner and announcing their name on Twitter and Facebook on July 1, so it's worth your while to follow those accounts!

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See you back here on the 8th!


  1. I'm writing an adult epic fantasy novel.

  2. My current ms is a MG sci-fi/adventure. Thanks!

  3. i'm working on a ya contemporary. hoping to get the query tweaked since i suck at them.

  4. YA Contemporary. kellyallanwriter @

  5. Currently working on my first chapter book

  6. My WIP is book one of a MG Fantasy Trilogy.

  7. Welp, got a YA Urban Fantasy I need to get out there!

  8. I have a YA Urban Fantasy I need to get out there.

  9. I'm not entering obviously, but I've got a YA urban fantasy out and am working on revisions of a YA historical ghost story.


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