Saturday, June 29, 2013

The In-between Stuff

For the same reason that I paint all the edges of a room first, I can’t write all my favorite scenes first and glue them together later. Just as the edges of a wall would never get painted if I started with the middle, that glue would never be applied to those scenes. Glue is boring to write. ;)

I do skip ahead once in a while if I’m stuck or I have a moment of inspiration, but for the most part, I write chronologically.

What about you? Do you like to skip around? Or do you start at the beginning and go straight through to the end?


  1. I write chronologically, but edit randomly. Which probably ends up creating more work than necessary, but it's how my brain functions I guess.

  2. Skip skip skip! The big scenes come to me way before I write all the in-between-ers! :D

  3. I write all the kissy scenes first, lol.

  4. I always write chronologically. I find it difficult to skip ahead when I don't know the exact details of what happened before (I do outline, but that tends not to be enough). I write so that everything going forward builds on what has already happened, so skipping makes little sense for me. :)

  5. I'm not a skipper even when I was in high school. ;) I have to write in order. If I get stuck I plow my way through until I'm unstuck. I also have to edit from start to finish. -RB Austin


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