Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An MS Isn't Just For Reading

Since I've sprained my ankle for the third time in two weeks (I really shouldn't be let out of the house), I decided I'd see what goodies were in my previous posts file to share with you all.

Congratulations. After many long hours, days, weeks, months (sometimes years) of doing this:

You have turned you bubbling mass of ideas into a book type thing. Okay, a book. 

Now what? 

Obviously you've let it simmer. You've edited it into submission. You've passed it around your critique group/beta readers/people who read your stuff. But what about those printed copies?  The ones with the red pen of doom scrawled across them that sit in an unloved pile? 

Fear not, I have some handy uses:

1) Got an annoying door that won't stay open? Use that MS as a literary doorstop. When people trip over it you can tell them it's your book. Instant conversation starter. 

2) Stand on it for extra height when talking to taller people. 

3) Want a unique focal point? Wallpaper. A room covered in your words = priceless.

4) Do your friends/family/co-workers pester you to read your book? Give them a birthday/Christmas treat by wrapping their present in your pages. Not only will it look chic, but they'll get a sneak peak of your writing. Two birds, one MS. 

5) Build a fort. Okay, it may be the first small brick, but the foundations are important. And a book fort would be pretty awesome... until it rains.
I'm off to ice my ankle (and elevate it on a few drafts of old manuscripts). Any more creative uses for hard copy manuscripts I've missed?

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  1. What about wall insulation? Does the trick, and future generations will be wowed when they renovate the house (already designated a point of historical interest, of course, as the former home of a wildly famous author) and discover The Lost Works.

  2. If you're prone to spraining your ankles, the BEST rehab is ice skating, because you stand/move on less surface area, it forces the muscles to compensate, and they will strengthen overtime. Just walking/etc wont force those muscles to build strength again... So you will undoubtably reinjure yourself.

  3. (That was Angelica, not Toni, commenting above AGAIN while she was logged into OA's gmail. Now it won't let me delete--sorry!)


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