Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 Bad Habits of Successful Writers by Rachelle Gardner

The other day, agent of awesome Rachelle Gardner blogged about the 7 Bad Habits of Successful Writers (an idea she adapted from the Copyblogger - go check out both posts - totally excellent!)

I had to laugh while reading Rachelle's post because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE HABITS are habits of which I'm totally guilty :D

Impatient? Check

Inclined to Panic? Totally Check

Addicted to BookScan Reports? Totally Guilty

Thin-Skinned? To a point - the initial zing hurts but fades pretty quickly now :D (though this also depends on the zing. Some linger longer than others...)

Insecure? I definitely have my moments

Unscheduled? Uh, yeah - I'm seriously amazed I get anything done

Easily Distracted? LOL oh yeah, I get totally dis- oooo look at the shiny over there!

I must say though, knowing that most, if not all, writers share the majority of these traits makes me feel much better :)

What bad writer habits do you have that didn't make Rachelle's list?

Be sure to head to Rachelle's blog for her full article!!


  1. That's great! Thanks for sharing. I am guilty of most of those, too!

  2. Thanks for sharing this one! It's somewhat relieving to see that most writers share a lot of the same traits that I definitely have. :)

  3. I'm guilty of all of the above and these:
    Plays video games when stuck on a word or a tough revision. Check.
    Reads e-mail or texts friends when stuck. Check.


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