Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bread Crumbs & Tying Things Together

I'm currently in the beginning stages of sending Open Thy Heart to betas, and being as this is the second in a series, I've found that not only is there the usual plot/writing stuff to do, but there's also a whole lot of tying things together. Like...

Re-introducing the characters. Reminding the reader as to who feels this way about whom, and why. Pointing out the problems in the previous book and gently refreshing the reader's memory on how they were resolved, and more.

This time, I'm on a bit of a deadline, and have found that the usual, no-rush timeframe of, well, getting this done whenever I want, isn't working so well. (Sad face.) Which means... coffee! (Just kidding. Sort of. Okay, not really.) Which (actually) means... lists! There is nothing more assuring and satisfying than crossing items off a list, especially that very last one, and boy do I have a list to go over. My editor once referred to the little clues given throughout the book that lead to the big revelations later on as "bread crumbs", and I love this description. So, my list currently consists of the laying out of bread crumbs. More importantly, making sure they are

1) consistent throughout the story

2) consistent for the characters

3) leading to proper revelations

4) keeping with the overall plot

5) keeping with the overall plot not only of this book, but with the series

I probably forgot something, but these are the most applicable. How about you? Is there a certain way you look at your storyline to ensure everything's tied up by the end? I'd love to hear about it! :)

(For another good list to go over whilst editing, check out Abby's recent Gesture Clutches.)

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