Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Mystery Agent Entry #4: DOGBIRD TO THE RESCUE!

Genre: Picture book
Word count: 650

Logline: Space-dog Buddy's ears grow and GROW, turning him into the oddest dog on earth. But being odd also has its perks . . . when a friend is in danger, Buddy's hidden talent awakens: He can fly!

Dogbird to the Rescue!

[Sound effects noted in brackets will be integrated with illustrations.]

“Our planet has become too crowded,” King Dog says. “The bravest among you must explore the universe and find new homes. Safe journey, dear hearts. Help all you meet and make me proud!”

“Yip!” the smallest puppy says. “I will help everyone!”

A bright light streaks across the sky. It passes Mercury, Mars, Venus . . .

[CRASH!] The puppy pokes his nose from the rubble.

[Sniff! Sniff!] “Maybe no one lives here,” he says to . . . no one. A rabbit hops by. “Arf! Stop, please!” he calls to the rabbit. “What is this strange place?”

But the rabbit keeps hopping.

A boy and a girl appear. “Yip!” the puppy yaps, wagging his tail. He runs to meet them.

The boy picks up the little hound. The girl strokes his long, soft ears.

They take the puppy home and name him . . . Buddy.

Buddy grows fast, but his ears grow faster. The earth’s atmosphere has a strange effect on Buddy. His ears grow and grow and GROW.

Every day, Buddy tries to help others, just as King Dog commanded.

Buddy likes to help his boy play fetch . . . [Whoops! Bam!] (Trips on long ears)

And host royal tea parties with his girl. [Clink, clank . . . CRASH!] (Ears bump cups)

Buddy likes to chase birds. [Arf! Arf! Arf!] It’s fun to help them fly!

[Vrooom! Vrooom!] Buddy wakes up early. “Yip!” he tells his boy. “Here comes the Big Yellow Thing.” The Big Yellow Thing takes his boy and girl away. They don’t need Buddy’s help today.


Unknown said...

I can imagine a cute puppy with floppy ears that turn into wings like Dumbo's ears. I'm curious to know is what problem Buddy will encounter if his owners don't need his help.

J Lenni Dorner said...

"A bright light streaks across the sky. It passes Mercury, Mars, Venus"
I'm very confused as to the direction. Mercury, nearest to the sun, and Venus being next, but then passing Mars, which is beyond Earth. Or is there an unusual planetary alignment in the night sky? In which case, why was there no mention of stars or constellations?

Good ending though. Sounds like a cute book.

Anonymous said...

Buddy is such a lovable character. I can picture the illustrations being adorable! This book is unique and different and I think it has great marketability. Best of luck!

Unknown said...

I appreciate the kind comments and helpful feedback!

J. Lenni, I listed the planets by ascending proximity to earth, but did not realize that Mars's position puts it outside of a logical path for Buddy's rocket. It's an easy fix, but important--thank you!