Sunday, July 6, 2014

Celebrating Deadwood Release With an Operation Awesome Appreciation giveaway

Deadwood, my middle-grade mystery fantasy debut, is out from Spencer Hill Press at long last.

This is the second go-round for me, and believe me, I know how fragile the dream of writing is. My kids’ contemporary fantasy was first released by a small press which went out of business, and now it's out in a beautiful new edition from Spencer Hill Press. There have been a lot of twists, bumps, and flat tires on this road.

I've been telling my story here on the Operation Awesome blog for four years now, and I'm so grateful for the support this community has shown me. I might not still be writing if I hadn't been forced to have something to say by the bloggers, friends, and readers of OA. In my first blog post in 2010, I wrote, "It's hard to put myself out to the world as a writer, to suggest to others in the literary community that I have something worth saying. As an unpublished writer, the hardest part is to expose my dreams to family, friends, and not-so-friends before those dreams have been fulfilled."

That's still true as a published writer -- my dreams still feel exposed. But it's worth it, and I want to thank you for being here for me during the high and low points. Today is a high one -- thank you for celebrating.

I want to get Deadwood into your hands, and I'm giving away two copies. Just comment, and you're entered. If you win, you can choose paperback or ebook. Giveway winners picked July 13.

Deadwood by Kell Andrews

Martin gets a message from a tree saying that it’s cursed, and so is Martin. He teams up with know-it-all soccer star Hannah, and if they can't break the curse, their whole town will end up with a permanent case of bad luck. Ages 10–14. 
Deadwood blends supernatural elements with an ecological message and some pretty typical middle school issues that most readers will identify with, like not being totally sure of who you are and how you fit in with the world around you … A fun book with just enough creepiness to be exciting.” Amanda Valentine, Reads4Tweens
“A nice mix of heart and humor. … Give this one to middle grade readers who enjoy magical realism, or to anyone for whom the idea of talking with an ancient, enormous tree is irresistible.” Jen Robinson, Jen’s Book Page
“A fast-paced, enjoyable, contemporary fantasy that upper middle graders will truly enjoy … The perfect blend of relatable contemporary, supernatural elements, mystery and environmental awareness  an amazing middle grade book for all ages to read!” —Bumbles and Fairy Tales
Order  on  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, Powell’s, or from your favorite independent bookstore.  


Anonymous said...

You're story is a true inspiration of never giving up on your dreams. Thanks for sharing Kell! Congrats on the new publisher! I really enjoyed reading DEADWOOD! Great MG!

Leandra Wallace said...

Congrats on the big day! I loved that bit about revealing your dreams when they're not fulfilled yet- I get anxious about that at times too. And I've already bought Deadwood, but if I'm lucky enough to be a winner, I'll donate it to my local library.

Jeri Baird said...

Congrats on the new release! DEADWOOD sounds like a great MG and I'd love to win a copy!

jpetroroy said...

Congrats on your release day and your journey!

GSMarlene said...

Congratulations. Deadwood sounds like an awesome story - we need more MG like that!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of your journey. I am looking forward to finally holding DEADWOOD in my hands. It sounds like an amazing book!

Kell Andrews said...

Thanks for the congratulations, all! I've been so appreciative of Operation Awesome over the years. If I hadn't been part of it, I could have slunk away and pretended none of this happened... But it DID! And here I am.

Jennifer Jensen said...

Sounds like a book I want to read, and great cover! I love the idea of the tree. Congrats on sticking with it and following your dreams.

Evelyn said...

Umm....I tried to post but it looks like my message disappeared. If this turns out to be a repeat, please delete it. Thanks--

Congratulations on your second release of DEADWOOD, Kell! I'm glad you didn't give up and found another home for it. Sounds like an exciting story. Best wishes!

Kell Andrews said...

Congrats to JPetroroy and Jeri Baird! You are the winners of a copy of DEADWOOD. The contest is now closed -- thanks to all who commented, read and shared.