Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blast from the OA Past: Embrace the Suck!

There are certain things that are a given:

1) Day turns into night.

2) I like chocolate. And cookies. And cake.

3) First drafts can suck!

I know suck may be a harsh word, but they call them first drafts for a reason. They have a certain amount of suckage built into them.


The pacing may be off. You might introduce a secondary character but forget about them halfway through. Oops. Hasty addition time! Have you been calling your love interest Jensen for 20k, but then discover your MC making out with some dude called Jake? Hmmm. There could be scenes that don't advance the plot. Adverbs bleeding from the page. Purple prose. That brilliant plot twist doesn't quite fit. Darn it. Who says it needs to be logical? 

What to do?

Write on! Embrace that suck. Get the words out. 

There's a reason books get polished in revision. You can't revise an empty page, but you can revise through the roadblocks and errors to uncover the shiny prose beneath. 

Just remember:

Happy writing!


Angelica R. Jackson said...

I've been referring to it as "stink", but suck works too, lol!

Karen McCoy said...

Perfect timing for me. I have about another 150 pages of suck stink to work through...Glad to know it's a beginning, and not and end!