Thursday, July 3, 2014

Half Finished Old Projects and Last Day of Giveaway!

First of all: How do you like the format of our Mystery Agent Contest so far? Pretty cool, huh? Hope everyone is giving our participants some great feedback. If you haven't yet, just scroll below and check them out. 

Now... on to the post.

Recently I turned in my 2nd book in my series for Month9books. I'm excited to hear back from my editor to see what she thinks. This project was especially rewarding to me because I haven't finished anything for a really long time. Years even. Now, don't get me wrong. I've done some short stories. I've started several other projects, but always got sidetracked. I've written, but have never FINISHED them. It felt really, really good to finish a project again.

Now that I have this contracted book out of the way (at least until I get my first round of edits back), I am pulling out an old project, one that I think is probably the most publishable work I've ever done. The problem is that I haven't written on it in a while, and it's hard getting back into it. It's half done and quite an organic work, meaning I've written a lot by the seat of my pants and I'm not even sure how it's going to end. Drafts are always very difficult to me, especially now when it's been so long since I've connected to my story.

It's 1st person instead of 3rd. It's also a Middle Grade book, whereas my upcoming release, as well as it's sequel, is YA. Different style. Different world. Different characters with different personalities.

So how do YOU switch gears when your current WIP is so very different than one you just finished?

Oh! I also wanted to give you all a reminder. My giveaway is ending TONIGHT. The post for my cover re-reveal for The Emissary is HERE  My cover is pretty sweet. Please take a peek and let me know what you think.

You still have time to enter for a copy of my book and an amazon gift card.

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JeffO said...

Switching gears: I have found so far that the gear switching sort of happens naturally, and I'm always a little surprised, to tell you the truth. I do think there's a bit of a warming up period, however, so the part where I pick up after the break usually needs an extra pass at the end, just to smooth it out a bit. Great cover!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

I had the hardest time switching gears from a historical book to a contemporary fantasy! The voices were very different, but they were both very strong, so dialogue in the style of one character kept creeping in the other book. Finally just had to trunk the historical while I work on these contracted books, like you.