Saturday, January 26, 2013

Enter to Win 10 awesome Ebooks!

I am so excited to share a blog post from my good friend Angela Ackerman of The Bookshelf Muse. Not only do Angela and I share a first name we also share an awesome agent, Jill  Corcoran of the Herman Agency.  I am honored that my novel Amarok was chosen as one of the giveaway prizes!  

Hurry and visit to leave a comment for a chance to win. 

Celebrate 5 Years With Us & WIN!

Every time January hits, I am shocked to know that it's been another year of blogging for Becca and me. The same thoughts scroll through my brain: what did I do before this blog? How did I manage to function before realizing I needed to reach out to the blogging community? 

I had ties in a few forums of course, and made some wonderful friendships. Heck, Becca and I met at The Critique Circle, an online critiquing community for writers (thank you Universe for making that happen!) But really, for both of us, our world grew bigger and brighter when we met all of you! :)

Crazily enough, we've been at this now for 5 years! FIVE! And in a bizarre twist of fate, we hit two other incredible milestones this month as well:

The Emotion Thesaurus sold over 20,000 copies

 The blog had its 2,000,000th Hit!

~~ * ~~
CLEARLY a celebration is in order, yes? We think so too, so we're giving away a Kindle Paperwhite loaded with 10 ebooks (winner's choice) from the selection below: 

MG & YA Reads:
Janet Gurtler's Who I Kissed
Susan Quinn's Open Minds
P.J. Hoover's The Emerald Tablet
Angela Townsend's Amarok
Kait Nolan's Red
Cheyrl Rainfield's Parallel Visions
C. Lee McKenzie's Alligators Overhead
Marilee Brother's Moonstone

Adult Reads: 

C.S. Lakin's Intended For Harm
Amber West's Ruth Valley Missing
K. M. Weiland's Dreamlander
Joanna Penn's Pentecost
Steena Holmes' Finding Emma
Liana Brook's Even Villains Fall In Love
Heather Atkins's The Temple
Alex Cavanaugh's CassaStar

SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS, am I right? I am sure the winner will be very happy, no matter which 10 they pick. And hey, that could be YOU, so let's talk about how to get into the draw, shall we?


Becca and I are not big on hoop jumping, and this is about CELEBRATING ALL OF YOU, not us. So while of course we would love your TWEETS, LINKS & SHARES, it's not a condition to win. Just simply leave us a comment at  Maybe tell us about someone who has helped you recently, and if they have one, leave a link to their blog so that people can visit them.:)

Yep, that simple. :)

Contest closes on January 31st! Good luck everyone, and thank you for all your support!


  1. So fabulous! Thanks for the heads up, Ang! This is great news for Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, and they totally deserve it for bringing us The Bookshelf Muse and The Emotion Thesaurus. Love you guys!

  2. Hi Katrina! Thanks for the comment. I'm also so excited for them! And I love the Emotion Thesaurus!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. Thanks so much for spreading the word, Angie. And Amarok is on my TBR list!

    1. You bet Becca! :) You've done a great job. You and Angela should be very proud! Thanks for helping so many writers.

  4. All of those things are huge accomplishments!

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out Angie! We are so happy to still be around after five years and hope to have many more years ahead of us!

  6. LOVE that Bookshelf Muse! Thanks for all the great posts through the years.

    Congratulations to you both!!

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