Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Do Something New Resolutions


We all know that New Year usually begins with the dreaded resolutions. All those things we'd like to try to do (maybe tidy that one cupboard/drawer where all the odd bits of junk/take away menus/old batteries live) or hope we can keep up (like the dreaded January detox after the holiday food has been eaten). 

I used to try to make resolutions, but I tend to find my resolve falters around February (and my family suggesting that I, "Maybe try buying less books this year" is NEVER going to happen. EVER).

So each year I resolve to do something new. Something I know I can keep going or, even better, something I can focus energy on AND be productive at the same time. And, as you might have already guessed, most of my new things revolve around writing. 

I may decide to plot that story idea I've had brewing in the back of my brain. I could try writing a genre I've never tackled before. I might get out an old MS and edit or recycle it (my thought is that there's usually something salvageable in any shelved manuscript that deserves a second chance, right?).  

I open the New Year's Do Something New challenge to you. What new thing would you like to do this year? 


  1. I don't do resolutions either but have goals. Most of mine involve writing. I guess my biggest goal this year would be to keep writing NO MATTER WHAT and to silence my inner critic. I have trouble silencing the inner critic right about 15K and end up with a folder full of half-finished novels. The idea was good, at the time but I couldn't get it off the ground, so to speak. I have a new WIP I'm working on that I've managed to get to 20K so far and am still keeping with it. I have another idea I am thinking about that I will work on after the current WIP is done. I also have a goal to submit to more contests and do more blogging and by blogging I mean guest posts. Good luck in 2013!

  2. "(and my family suggesting that I, "Maybe try buying less books this year" is NEVER going to happen. EVER)."

    hee hee! That's so me, too. I love the idea of doing something new, not just rehashing the same goals (although that can be good, too, just to recommit to good things).

    My new thing this year is co-writing a YA time travel novel with my sister. It's already been a very cool learning experience. I'm also working on revising an old project to be publish-worthy, and writing a new idea that popped out of a dream <-- love these!

  3. I've always listed all my resolutions but this year I'm going with non-resolutions, which are more goals that are trying to achieve. Trying it this way gives me a new perspective and leaves more room on the "how to" of reaching these goals. I have a number of projects going on, so my biggest goal this year is to keep the momentum going.
    Good luck with all your goals!

  4. I don't make resolutions on New Year's, but tend to make them during the year as necessary. Life is too unpredictable :)

  5. Happy New Year to you as well! I like making resolutions and trying new things, so maybe I'm going to write something entirely different. A spy story perhaps!


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